What is MEGUMI strong alkaline water?

The high bactericidal and sterilizing effect of alkalinity is widely known, and many of you may know that preoperative doctors use strong alkaline water to wash their hands. In this way, most of the water currently on the market is alkaline water made by electrolyzing water, but this is easily affected by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and has a strong habit of returning to the original water. The biggest problem is that the value drops significantly and the usable period is short. It has also been confirmed in some cases that it has an effect on the human body such as the skin.
This MEGUMI strong alkaline water is a solution of strong alkaline water (ph value 11 or higher) that is purified (patent pending) by nano-processing calcium oxide from 100% naturally derived raw materials that contain a lot of minerals and 99% impurities removed. Strongly alkaline). Since it contains only 100% natural ingredients, it has no 99% effect on the human body and can be used with confidence.

In addition, the expiration date, which is a disadvantage of strong alkaline water, is much longer than that of conventional products. (6 to 12 months, according to FDA Lab research)

And the feature is that it can be used in various ways.


  • Sterilization and sterilization by direct sterilization
  • Space sterilization with a humidifier and air purifier
  • Control of bacterial growth by preventing oxidation of vegetables, meat and fish
  • Removal of pesticides, etc.
  • Removes acidic stains
  • Deodorant effect

We can propose the above usage methods.Now, let me talk about the effects one by one.

About sterilization and sterilization effect by direct sterilization

Bacteria such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi are made of proteins. MEGUMI water dissolves and destroys the protein and sterilizes it.

The effect on bacteria living in the hands, organic matter, space, etc. is much higher than that of alcohol, etc., and it dissolves and inactivates everything.

In the case of hand skin, MEGUMI water dissolves old keratin at the same time, but since natural minerals are replenished, the skin does not become dry or rough. It is more durable than other disinfectants, and while other disinfectants instantly lose their effect, it lasts for more than 2 hours.

direct sterilization

About space sterilization

Recently, an American research institute has announced that the new coronavirus (COVID19) is very likely to be transmitted by air. In other words, it is not possible to prevent infection by directly disinfecting or washing the hands with alcohol or hypochlorous acid.

In addition to direct sterilization, space sterilization in airborne infection countermeasures is to change the water of air purifiers and humidifiers in ordinary households to MEGUMI water and spray it into the space to remove bacteria that float and float in the air. It sterilizes 99% and also has a deodorizing effect. In addition, the sprayed MEGUMI water also sterilizes organic substances, which can be the only means to show the effect in 3D even in places that are usually out of reach (high places / gaps). Not only the odor caused by bacterial growth, but also the odor emitted by humans is mostly due to oxidation, so etiquette deodorization can also be done.

Masks will continue to be necessary as an infection prevention measure, but there is a possibility that it will not be necessary to wear masks by performing such spatial sterilization.

MEGUMI with humidifier
About space sterilization

Control of bacterial growth by preventing oxidation of vegetables, meat and fish

Foods such as vegetables, meat, and fish oxidize (change / deteriorate in quality) due to the loss of electrons, and corrode due to the growth of bacteria to generate an offensive odor. By soaking or spraying, you can prevent oxidation and bacterial growth and prolong the freshness of food. You can immediately feel the difference between perishable ingredients such as leafy vegetables.

By extending the freshness quality of ingredients for several days, we can propose that you can treat limited food resources carefully without waste and lead a rich and efficient life.

Five Days After

Removal of pesticides, etc.

By using MEGUMI water, the alkaline components of oils around the kitchen, hand stains, sebum, and other acidic stains are neutralized, making it easier to remove the stains.

And after removing the dirt, it can be sterilized and deodorized at the same time, so it can be used all-in-one without having to do it twice.

Oil stains on cups and plates can also be removed by putting MEGUMI water in a bucket and soaking it in it. Sebum stains on bathrooms, tubs, and wash basins can also be removed with MEGUMI water.

However, if you use it in a place that contains oil such as wax on flooring, it may dissolve the oil and lose its luster, so you need to devise it.

Removal of pesticides

Deodorant effect

The deodorant effect of MEGUMI water is several times that of activated carbon, so just by spraying it, you can push the unpleasant odors such as garbage and cigarettes to the mask, and the unpleasant exhaled odor that you feel when you put on the mask again during use. It can be instantly sterilized and deodorized.

MEGUMI water is also safe for the skin, so it can also be used to deodorize the smell of sweat on clothing.

Disinfectant comparison table

alcoholhypochlorous acidStrong Alkali MEGUMI
Effect of direct sterilization
Duration of sterilization effect××
Use of space sterilization××
Sterilization and cleaning of pesticides, etc××