About Us

Nowadays, all over the world is under the threat of COVID-19.
In order to cope with bacteria and new viruses that can exist/derive on the earth, it is the best defense measure to raise one’s own immunity and to be healthy. In addition to this, it is important to be aware of infection prevention measures that include sterilization and disinfection.
There are various germicides and disinfectants that are currently in use, but most of the major components adversely affect the human body.
In order to solve such problems, we at MEGUMI Bio Health Corp. do not use any chemicals at all and cooperate with a Japanese corporation to provide a disinfectant solution with a bactericidal and antiviral power that is composed of natural substances that do not affect the human body. By getting it, I was able to announce it.

Corporate philosophy

Addressing environmental issues friendly to people and the earth

Actively promote exchanges with the international community and contribute to the development of our country

Business Description

☆ Proposal and sale of products that consider the environment, hygiene and health

☆ Sales and support of products suitable for customer demand